Unconventional…When did that become a bad thing?

Unconventional…When did that become a bad thing?

So there’s this deep seeded feeling of extreme bitterness that I really need to get off of my chest. And I’m sure that every person with body modifications has felt this way before. I am SO. FUCKING. SICK. of the judgement that I feel upon me on a daily basis. If you’re unfamiliar with my personal appearance, let me bring you up to speed. I used to have a wide array of piercings… (I’ve gotten pierced and repierced over thirty times!)

  • Four dermals on my collarbones
  • Four dermals on my hips
  • Four piercings on my nose
  • Two piercings on my lip

In 2012 all of my visible piercings had to be removed when I got employed at The Body Shop. Okay. Whatever. A few of my piercings were pretty extreme so I sort of understood it…even though visible tattoos were allowed in the company which I found very unfair. Once I left The Body Shop I decided I wanted to get the four piercings I had on my nose redone, because I absolutely loved them. They made me feel really good about myself and I adored the way they looked on me. A lot of people did. Unfortunately possible employers and random strangers (which I don’t care about) think otherwise. I was lucky enough that at PacSun my piercings and tattoos were never a problem, same with at my current job at Next. (Hurray!) But I can’t tell you the amount of times in job interviews I’ve had where the interviewer will straight up tell me that my beloved nose piercings need to be removed. On a few occasions I’ve also been told that my bright red hair would have to go back to a natural color. I found all of these requests so insulting. Isn’t refusing someone the right to work due to their personal appearance a form of discrimination? It’s almost 2015 and I will be damned if I alter my appearance for an unaccepting company. When did an unconventional appearance become such a bad thing??? My hair color and my body mods make me feel good about myself. They make me feel amazing, actually. They truly have became part of who I am as a person…and I really love who I’ve become. I refuse to be destined to a life time of working at Hot Topic because of the way I look. Honestly, this is another reason why I was so determined to get myself to college. I can’t wait to have a job in the arts where my appearance will be nothing more than a physical reminder of my creativity. I don’t care about the random passerbyers staring at me and I can put up with the dirty looks and constant questioning of “Did that hurt?!”. But when a company that I’m interested in working for refuses to be accepting of others, that’s when I draw the line. I’m sure many of you are thinking that I should just suck it up and take my piercings out or remove the color from my hair. But it’s not that easy. I used to hate who I was before. I reigned victorious over an eight year stint of severe depression and created a new life and image for myself from the ashes. The way I look is a constant reminder that I overcame all of my difficulties with myself once and for all. I finally feel beautiful and confident and I will never ever let anyone take that away from me. The day my nose piercings come out and my hair returns back to brown will be because I wanted it that way – not because a company won’t hire me because of it. And when it comes to jobs, my work ethic will speak for itself…not my personal appearance.


Public Service Announcement:

There’s a common misconception that modified folks are not the type of people to associate yourselves with. Well, I’m here to tell you that: People with body modifications, whether it be piercings, tattoos, colored hair, or anything else you can possibly think of are not bad people.

*Sigh of relief* I feel so much better now! I’ve had a lot of pent up frustration about this issue for a very long time and I really needed this vent session. Any questions or concerns? Leave me a comment and let’s chat. However, I’m warning you now: any extreme negativity will not be tolerated and deleted immediately. Have a lovely Tuesday! -Sarah


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