OOTD: Urban Chic

OOTD: Urban Chic

Hey guys! Sorry that I’ve been MIA these past few days – I’ve been so swamped at work. And speaking of work, I want to show you guys what I’m wearing on the daily at my job! If you don’t already know, I work at Next, which is a store that specializes in urban clothing. Here’s my take on an Urban Chic look for when I’m doing it up on the job:


As usual, here’s the breakdown of all of the brands of each item and where I purchased them:

  • First crop top: PacSun, Been Trill
  • Second crop top: PacSun, Reason
  • Pleather joggers: Charlotte Russe
  • Nike tye dye and floral shoes: PacSun, Stefan Janoski

As you guys well know, I’m not a big fan of the “jogger”. BUT when I saw these pleather beauties at Charlotte Russe for only $14.95, I figured why not? My store has a plethora of joggers to choose from so I thought I might as well look the part when I’m selling them. I honestly wouldn’t wear these pants outside of work, but I have to admit that they’re quite comfortable!! To keep the urban vibe going strong in my look, I usually pair my joggers with an edgy crop top. I absolutely LOVE both of my options in the picture above. Been Trill is classically a brand for men, but on occasion we would get some female gear at PacSun. When we got this shirt in I HAD to have it! And naturally we carry Been Trill at Next since it’s a very well known street wear brand so this shirt is perfect. And I just adore the “Ballin” crop – I feel like such a sassy chica when I’m wearing it!! To tie together a cool urban look, you need a fresh pair of kicks. My Janoski’s are usually my go to option for when I’m working. Normally at PacSun we only get the adult male run of sizes for shoes. But in the exclusive digital floral and tye dye pattern we got sizes four through thirteen. These shoes were love at first sight and I knew that they had to be mine!! All together I probably spent $135 on these pieces. (But keep in mind that a lot of those items were bought with my employee discount when I worked at Pac.)

So there you have it, my take on an Urban Chic look! My inner diva is set free when I’m sporting this ensemble and it’s a great feeling!!! You can see me rocking my #beentrill shirt in my featured image 🙂

What are your favorite urban inspired pieces to wear? What store did you find them at? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Happy Saturday! -Sarah


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  1. I’m not sure the word “chic” and my name ever appear in the same sentence! Although I do have a pair of ripped jeans I bought at Old Navy 10+ years ago now that have travelled the world with me. My go-to grunge look. And yes, they still fit the same as they did then!

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