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Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots

My music obsession of the past few months has been none other than Twenty One Pilots. I love these Columbus boys so very much. (C-Bus Ohio – REPRESENT!) Their studio debut album, Vessel, is a strong one. It’s chock full of fan favorites including Holding On To You, Migraine, and Car Radio to name a few of the radio hits. But this album is so much more than a few radio singles. Literally EVERY track on Vessel is a solid effort in its own right. From the five minute first track Ode To Sleep to the two minute Truce to close the album, there’s not one song that I could do without. Our C-Bus duo has been labeled from alternative rock, indielectronica, to rap – but no matter what genre they dabble in, they always do it just right. Twenty One Pilots consists of Tyler Joseph repping a strong resume of talents including lead vocals, piano, keyboard, and synthesizer just to name a few. But we can’t forget about Josh Dun who helps out on background vocals and whose drumming is absolutely out of control. The fact that his drumming holds the same amount of energy and packs just as much of a punch as Tyler’s stunning vocals says a lot about his talent as a musician. And please, don’t even get my started on Tyler’s vocal ability, because I won’t be able to shut up. But okay, here I go. Tyler has the voice of an angel. His vocal range is INSANE. He can change from screaming, to classical loveliness, to rapping with the sickest flow ever at the drop of a hat. Honestly some of his rapping – specifically on Migraine, almost mimics early Eminem. These guys have SO MUCH TALENT, I really just can’t get over it. It’s funny because I had their album, Vessel, on my iPod for quite some time, with the intention of playing it eventually. But I didn’t start listening to it until Car Radio played when I had my music on shuffle. I was playing all 9000 songs I have on shuffle while I was in the shower and half way through, Car Radio started playing and I had no clue who it was. I had to hop out of the shower so I could figure out just who the hell this song was coming from. When I saw it was Twenty One Pilots, I immediately kicked myself in the ass for not listening to them sooner.

Do yourselves a favor and watch the video posted above. This is a recording of them playing Migraine in The Live Room. It will blow your mind. So so good.


And as if they could get any better….they’re both drop dead gorgeous. ❤ Do I have any Twenty One Pilots fans on here? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah