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An Ohio Hike

An Ohio Hike

On my last day of hanging out with my dear friend Tyler before he left for basic training, we went to the Metro Parks Schumacher Trail to take some pictures with each other. While we were there I was blown away by how beautiful the scenery was, so I decided to go back there today to take some pictures of the trail. I walked to about where Tyler and I had ventured out to and began snapping away on my Ipod camera. Once I was done photographing, I figured I might as well just walk the trail since I was there. And I am so glad I did.


It’s a brisk fall day in Akron, Ohio. The sky is a dull, cloudy gray and there’s a definite October chill in the air. I only wore a hoodie on my venture to the trail today because I figured I wasn’t going to be there long, so I was quite cold in the beginning – but once my blood started pumping as I got further into the trail, I felt fine! There was something so amazing to me about being completely surrounded by nature. I loved hearing the chirping of the birds and the leaves crunching under my feet with every step that I took. One of the few things that I love about Ohio is the fact that we get to experience all four seasons. As you can see by the pictures I took, fall time in Ohio is GORGEOUS. I love everything about autumn here. From watching the leaves change colors on the trees to seeing them blow away from their branches and litter the ground.


I had so much fun spotting carvings on the trees through out the Schumacher Trail. Many trunks donned initials of couples who must have had a romantic afternoon strolling through the forest. The one pictured above sported an awesome carving of an Indian that was just too cool not to take a picture of! I felt so at peace today while I hiked. It felt really good to have some time on the trail by myself so that I could stop whenever I wanted during my trek to just take in all of the beauty surrounding me. All of the Metro Park trails in Ohio are pretty fantastic – the trail that I hiked happens to be about two minutes away from my house. I think I know my new favorite spot to go to when I need some alone time!


If you have the time today, spend a moment out doors and take in your surroundings. You won’t regret it! And make sure you check back in at http://www.lifewithlilred.com tonight for my review of the newest episode of American Horror Story! Have a happy Hump Day! -Sarah