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Shameful Specimens

Shameful Specimens

Whatsup everyone and TGIF! So last night I had the misfortune of stumbling upon pictures of the outfits Miley Cyrus wore during her stint at hosting the VMA’s and all I have is one word to sum up my feelings: SHAMEFUL!!!! I refuse to post pictures of her to add to her popularity as a so called “celebrity” but I do have some general opinions about Miss Cyrus, considering she’s setting a horrid example for young people everywhere, so let’s discuss with some Lil Red Words Of Wisdom:

  • ACT LIKE A LADY! Yeah, that’s right. I get that Miley doesn’t want to be a role model for anyone and yada, yada, yada but dude, you have a little sister. What the hell kind of a role model are you to her? Not a very good one. Put some clothes on, stick your tongue back in your fucking mouth, and get some class.
  • Reevaluate your career…seriously: People might be curious as to why young people, like myself, despise Cyrus so much and the answer is simple…She’s literally giving the teens and twenty-somethings across the globe a bad name. FYI – not every millennial is a sex crazed druggie with a fetish for putting their assets on display every chance they get. I can’t name one person in my vast social circle in real life or via social media who likes her, so clearly she’s doing nothing right with her career. #obviously
  • Drop the “I’m cool because I smoke weed” act: You’re not. Do I have a problem with people who smoke? No, absolutely not and I firmly believe that marijuana should be legalized in all fifty states. Do I have a problem with people who flaunt their habits for the world to see? Yes, I do. It’s trashy and NO ONE CARES!!! Those who partake in good ol’ Mary Jane are no cooler than the people who don’t. Put your joint away and shut the fuck up. Thanks! ❤
  • Get back in touch with your roots: Yeah, we get it – you’re too old for the Disney channel, hence why you’ve been flashing your cooch for everyone. BUT, before Miley turned into the most Shameful Specimen that I can think of, she was sweet, wholesome, and had a lot of people looking up to her. Cyrus claims that she’s “all grown up” but she has so much maturing to do that it’s not even funny. No sane grown up would enter into a concert venue on a giant inflatable penis. Such trash.

^^^ Lol, it seemed appropriate! 😉

So do I sound bitchy? Probably. Do I care? Absolutely not. I REFUSE to ever be associated with the crass classlessness that is Miley Cyrus merely because we’re in the same age group. Cyrus should take a lesson from all of the teens and twenty-somethings that are out in the world making amazing things happen because of sheer talent and hard work – not because ninety-seven percent of their clothes is off. What does everyone think of Miley? Who is one celebrity that you really can’t stand? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

PS: Sorry for the rant, but I really had to get these feelings off of my chest. I was seriously so disgusted by the VMA outfit pics that I wanted to throw up everywhere! 🙂

Golden Globes 2015 Into It/Over It

Golden Globes 2015 Into It/Over It

The Hollywood award season is upon us again! The Golden Globes were on last night where we got to see some fabulous stars strut around in some gorgeous and…. not so great looks. I decided to do one of my Into It/Over It segments for the Golden Globes, so let’s discuss:

Sienna Miller – Miu Miu: I am so very INTO IT!!!!! I thought that Miss Sienna looked drop dead gorgeous!!! This Miu Miu stunner is one of my favorite looks of the night. The dress is so whimsical and fun but Sienna manages to look grown up and sexy at the same time. Miu Miu is one of my all time favorite designer brands, so naturally I turned green with envy when I saw this gown. I spotted it as a Miu Miu right away and began drooling immediately. Not only is the dress fab, but her hair and makeup looked divine as well. She honestly could have gone either way in the hair and makeup department with either the natural look she’s rocking or something a little more loud and crazy. The natural look is working so well though, she looked like a fairy princess from the land of glam. I’m sold.


Rosamund Pike – Vera Wang: Oh hell no. I am so completely and absolutely OVER IT. I usually adore Vera Wang’s designs, but not this one. Major thumbs down. I hate using this word…but the Gone Girl actress looked saggy. This dress offered her literally NO support in her breasts or back, causing a very unflattering over all shape. One of the most important fashion rules is to always define your waist, which was also not happening in this look. Quite frankly, I’m disappointed. I was expecting Pike to come out looking like a stunner, and this look didn’t do anything for me but make me cringe. The bland hair and makeup was doing nothing for her either as well. Whomp whomp.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsRosamund-PIke-241072

Patricia Arquette – Escada: Oh, Patricia my darling. First of all, congrats on your win for Boyhood. Bravo. Second of all, I’m OVER IT. This look just didn’t do it for me, and I wanted it to work so badly, but there was just so much going wrong. The gown was in desperate need of a good ironing, some expert tailoring, and for that damned shoulder piece to be removed immediately. The look would have been so much better without that shoulder detailing. Not perfect, but better. I’m quite disappointed in her hair and makeup. Her red lip looked sloppy and her hair was pulled back into a bun that was almost falling out. My main problem with this dress is how top heavy it made her look. All of the extra fabric and rouch-ing made the look very frumpy. Disappointed.


Emma Stone – Lanvin: Gorgeous! Stunning! I’m INTO IT! The Birdman actress absolutely soared. In my eyes, Miss Stone can do no wrong and this fabulous Lanvin jumpsuit is no exception. I love looks on the red carpet that I can see myself wearing and this is definitely one of them. Everything is just working SO WELL together, from the sparkling bodice, the ankle cut pants, and that gorgeous bow tie on the back. This is something that shouldn’t have worked and Emma proved us all wrong. I love that she didn’t do much to her hair, because the wavy laid back-ness of it truly counterbalanced the Hollywood glam of the look. Her alabaster skin looked absolutely perfect, and her red lip was flawless. Amazing. This is what a young twenty something actress should look like.


Kerry Washington – Mary Katrantzou: Ugh. OVER IT. When my family and I watch award shows together, my parents usually leave it up to me to give the fashion opinion. But when my dad verbalized his distaste for this look, I knew that it was really bad. The thing about Kerry Washington, is that you could put her in a potato sack and she’d still look gorgeous. This woman deserves to wear nothing but masterpieces so when she’s in something that’s not up to par, it’s just so gut wrenchingly noticeable and awful. I hate how this dress doesn’t go all the way to the floor – it’s literally three inches above the ground, just make it floor length, damnit. I also really hate the metallic pink and navy combination going on. If this dress were solely the navy color, I think she’d look quite stunning. I guess the reason that I dislike this look so much is because I know that Kerry can do so much better. Her hair and makeup look lovely though! Hopefully she’s wears a stunner at the next award show to make up for this lackluster look!


Taylor Schilling – Ralph Lauren: Do I even have to say it? I’m beyond INTO IT! Our Orange is the New Black star was absolutely radiant in red. She was GLOWING. Miss Schilling looked like the belle of the ball in this gorgeous Ralph Lauren gown. This dress fit her like a glove and her skin looked flawless. The way this dress moved on the red carpet was divine. This dress is pure Hollywood to me. Taylor Schilling is the epitome of glamor in this look and I’m blown away. Miss Taylor can ditch the orange jumpsuit and stick to the gowns because she looks like an absolute star. Well done, you.

Taylor Schilling

Kristin Wiig – Delphine Manivet: Ouch. I’m sure a lot of people, like myself are OVER IT. Kristin Wiig has such a lovely body, why hide it in this frumpy mess? This material looked like it came off of a couch from the seventies and the shape of the dress looked just as dated. I’m not sure who dressed miss girl, but this look was so inappropriate for such a star studded night. Not only did the dress lack in all departments but her hair and makeup were a hot mess as well. I’m going to say for Kristin Wiig what I’ll be mentioning for Jennifer Lopez later, the bronzer looked so cakey! I just wanted to take a tissue to both of them and wipe all of that gunk away. Her hair looked very dull as well. Extremely unimpressed. My advice? Fire your stylist immediately.


Jennifer Lopez – Zuhair Murad: Oh look, it’s Kristin Wiig’s bronzey twin! So of course I’m OVER IT. Miss girls golden globes looked like they were going to pop out of this dress any minute and I was so not impressed. The thing with Jennifer Lopez is that we know she’s sexy, hot, and has a whole lot of va va voom. She does not need this cheap looking dress to showcase that. If she were put in an actual gown last night of that same material, she would have looked stunning. Her awful excuse for a smokey eye and her cakey cake bronzer weren’t helping either. Jennifer Lopez ended up looking like a Las Vegas showgirl rather than red carpet royalty. Shameful.


Conchita Wurst: Yes. Hell yes. Miss girl better WERK! I’m INTO IT! I wish that I looked as good as this sensational drag queen in a gown. I also wish that I own this gown. It’s so fabulous I can’t even. This is the most unconventionally drop dead gorgeous look of the night. What more can I say?


Naomi Watts – Gucci: Wow. This was one of my other favorite looks of the night asides from the lovely Sienna Miller. I’m INTO IT! This canary yellow Gucci stunner was an A++++! The way that this dress complimented that pretty blonde hair with her creamy fair complexion was simply divine. Every time Miss Watts was shown on screen last night all I could say was “I want that necklace, I want that necklace, I WANT THAT NECKLACE!!!!” The bejeweled snake choker was such an edgy, unexpected accessory and I adored it. The hair and makeup were perfect and I adored the red lip, which looked way better than I thought it would with a yellow gown. This look was stunning. Bravo.


So there you have it, my Into it/Over it looks for the 2015 Golden Globes! What looks did you love? What looks could you have done without? What would you have done to make some of these not so hot styles look better? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Happy Monday! -Sarah