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Busted, Disgusted, Never to be Trusted

Busted, Disgusted, Never to be Trusted

So I was browsing on http://www.elle.com yesterday night to find some new fashion ideas and ended up in a world of disgust from this page: http://www.elle.com/news/fashion-style/accessory-du-jour-hyein-seo-fear-mink-stoles-1

If you don’t feel like looking at the article, at least check out the picture that the article was about:


These mink stoles were featured in designer Hyein Seo’s collection. As a HUGE animal rights advocate, vegetarian of over eleven years, and a gal who puts her foot down to wearing any type of non man made material – I am horrified. Anyone who thinks that wearing the fur of an animal who was tortured and mutilated is okay, can go ahead and stop reading my post now. The use of fur in the name of “fashion” is absolutely ludicrous. The minks that were used in the stoles in Seo’s collection more than likely came from a fur farm. It pains me too much to even retype some of the methods of murder used in the fashion industries personal hells on earth. If you’d like to further educate yourself, I highly recommend checking these websites out: http://www.bornfreeusa.org/a2_fashion.php and http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-clothing/animals-used-clothing-factsheets/inside-fur-industry-factory-farms/.

So many people refuse to wear cosmetic products not tested on animals, and the same should go for clothing as well. Every fashion designer who used fur or exotic skins in his or her collection is contributing to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of animals per year. Shoppers and fashion enthusiasts alike need to show compassion towards our sweet animal friends. Maybe then the blood of millions of little creatures will begin to wash off the hands of big names in fashion such as Burberry, Alexander Wang, and Valentino to name a few.

Be a friend to animals and buy fur free. Buy non animal tested products. Sign petitions to give the fur industry what for! Be kind to every thing with a beating heart. -Sarah