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2Cellos Concert – The Best Night Ever!!!

2Cellos Concert – The Best Night Ever!!!

I had an absolutely magical night yesterday thanks to my beloved best friend Kate, whom you guys know all about! For my Christmas gift, Kate got me tickets to see 2Cellos – AKA two hot guys playing classic rock and looking fine as hell. Last night was the night of the concert and we celebrated the belated holiday with a bang! To start the evening we went to the mall and did a little shopping, while sipping the most sub par coffee ever from Starbucks – but that’s okay! After an hour or so of perusing, it was off to dinner at Bravo, an absolutely delightful restaurant right across from the mall. I had never been there before and it was so delicious!! Bravo is an Italian restaurant, and it’s like a step up from the Olive Garden. I got the Penne Mediterranean and it was so insanely good! Penne pasta with a butter garlic sauce, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and feta cheese. YUM!!! After a beautiful meal it was off to EJ Thomas Hall, which is a stunning concert hall located near the University of Akron. As soon as we neared the university, the traffic was insane (it was a sold out show, so that explains it)! Luckily, Kate goes to Akron U, so she knew a super secret parking spot and we were able to beat the crowds of people waiting to park. Mwahaha. It was a bit of a trek to EJ Thomas, and it was freezing cold out! I instantly regretted wearing a maxi skirt and my beloved Vera Wang wedges…but not really – beauty is pain. Once we got into the warmth of the theatre, we found our seats, which were the most PERFECT nosebleed seats ever. Like seriously, they were amazing. We were smack dab in the middle of the row and we were essentially looking down on the stage so we could see everything perfectly! At EJ Thomas we were joined by Kate’s sister Erika and their lovely family friend Donna, whom I had never met before but heard amazing things about so that was such a treat! Here’s a few of the pre show selfies Kate and I took:


^^^^ I LOVE US!!!!

Anyways, the 2Cellos show was nothing short of phenomenal! The studs in my featured image picture are from Croatia and it’s safe to say that I’m in love with both of them. Throughout the night, the boys played some classical numbers, but mainly played cello versions of classic rock, like U2, Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC, Nirvana, and Michael Jackson. The music was astounding and the light shows put on were great as well. The best part of the night was when the beautiful blokes played their version of U2’s “With or Without You” which is mine and Kate’s favorite. We held hands (even though both of ours were super sweaty) the entire time and it was such an amazing moment to share with my best friend. Another awesome part of the performance was when they did a medley of Michael Jackson songs, including “Smooth Criminal” which was SO COOL!! The lights that were used during that number was perfect – bright whites and dark blue. WOOF! Needless to say, the music was impeccable, the night was lovely, and the boys of 2Cellos were so hot that they literally made me clutch my pearls. What more could a girl want?

^^^ Posted above are some of my favorite covers that 2Cellos performs, which I was lucky enough to see last night! If you enjoy good music, please PLEASE give these videos a watch….it will blow your mind!

So there you have it, mine and Kate’s late Christmas celebration extravaganza! We had such a beautiful time and I’m so lucky to have her as my best friend, partner in crime, and soul mate. Have any of you guys heard of 2Cellos before? What’s your favorite cover that they do? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much Love. – A Very Happy Sarah