February 2022 Finishes

February 2022 Finishes

Hellooo everyone and happy last day of February! I don’t know about you guys but January seemed like it lasted a year and February went by in a week! Today, we will be wrapping up the month by discussing my beauty finishes and there are a lot of them so let’s get to it:


Would I Use Again?

Why/Why Not?

St. Ives Scrub: I love me a St. Ives scrub and, although there are reviews about how bad they are for your skin out there, I really don’t care lol. I have been using these scrubs for well over a decade now and have literally never had a problem with them. The Coconut & Coffee scrub is SO nice in the mornings and using it always made me feel much more alert and invigorated.

It took me twoish months to finish the bottle and I noticed a difference in my skin right away when I was no longer using it. My skin looked a little more tired and my pores felt clogged. I think I will have to incorporate a scrub as an all the time product in my beauty routine.

Innisfree Mask: I received this mask as a freebie from a Sephora haul and it has been sitting on my bathroom counter for months now. I finally decided to finish it a few days ago when I noticed that my skin was looking a bit lackluster. While I did think it helped clear my pores a little bit, I wasn’t blown away by any means and felt just as ambivalent as the first time I used it. I got three uses out of the travel size pot and would not bother using it again.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum: I haven’t been a fan of the Hyaluronic Acid serum by Tree Of Life since I got it in a multipack about a half a year ago and have been using it simply because I have it. Despite morning and night use, I never noticed a difference in how my skin looked or felt. It takes me about three or so weeks to finish one bottle and once I was done, I was eager to start using the Vitamin C one again. The Tree Of Life Vitamin C serum is one that I would definitely recommend and I always love seeing a difference in my skin’s brightness after just one use.

TBS Body Butters: I have been diligently chipping away at my travel size body butters from a Christmas gift and the Shea and Almond Milk & Honey were the last of them. They also happen to be two of my favorite product lines from The Body Shop. Their rich and creamy scents are so soothing and my winter skin has vastly improved from using them in terms of red and dryness. It took me about a week and a half to finish each mini jar with nightly use on my hands and areas with stretch marks.

Despite some duds in February’s beauty finishes, I am very happy with everything else. I am even happier to use more products from my beauty hoard, though, after all of these empties!

Which products did you finish this month? What are your thoughts on any of my empties if you have used them before? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah




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