Face Mask Festivities: Celavi Honey Sheet Mask Edition

Face Mask Festivities: Celavi Honey Sheet Mask Edition

Hello! Within the past week or so, I had a great big skin care haul from Amazon. I purchased all of my necessities for the next three months and I also ordered a set of sheet face masks by Celavi. I received two of the six different kinds of masks in the set, totaling twelve masks for a little over ten dollars. I considered it a steal and the comments on Amazon from previous buyers was encouraging. So, I added it to my cart.

This past weekend, I finally got around to using one of the new sheet masks, opting for the Honey option because whose skin doesn’t need to be cleansed and moisturized? Lol, take a look at some pics and let’s discuss:


When I use a face mask, I never apply it with the thought that it’s going to have a massive affect on my skin. In fact, this is what probably keeps me from being disappointed with some of the duds that I’ve used. Rather, I like to think that I got to spend twenty minutes with a mask on being pampered and that’s how I’m going to think of my time spent using this Celavi mask.

Did I notice a huge or even minor difference in my skin after twenty minutes with this super saturated mask on? Not particularly. Don’t get me wrong, my skin did feel slightly more moisturized. But my skin care routine makes my skin feel insanely hydrated so, in that regard, it didn’t do all that much.

My skin definitely didn’t have that fresh “ahhhh” feeling after removing the mask. I can also confidently say that if I didn’t have one more of the Celavi Honey sheet masks in my hoard, I would not be using it again. But, like I said, no hard feelings and I still enjoyed myself. I took a leap of faith on some cheap masks and they can’t all be winners!

Have you used any beauty duds recently? Do you have a favorite sheet mask? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. That is why we have to make sure our little bee friends live and thrive. I just remembered a childhood memory of as a young child growing up I would watch my dearly loved grandma treating her face. Only she used egg whites. I would watch in fake horror when she rubbed the egg white all over her face, then watch in awe as the mask hardened then she peeled it off. Your going to stay young looking forever but one hint…dodon’t forget your neck!


    • What a precious memory! I had no idea egg whites would do that! And I never forget the neck lol I saw an infomercial forever ago about women getting corrective surgery for their “chicken neck” from not putting creams on it and ever since then the neck and upper chest have been well taken care of! πŸ˜€


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