BFF Christmas Haul

BFF Christmas Haul

Hiii everyone! I know it’s a bit early for some present posts but, my BFF and I did our gift exchange early this year because of our super different schedules. Lea and I have been best friends for over ten years now and on Sunday, she came over while I was recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery for some hang outs and holiday cheer. And, in all of the #bestfriendgoals, Lea and I are so alike that we each gifted each other with wine, chocolate, and candles as part of each other’s gift! So cute. Take a look and let’s discuss:


During gift giving occasions, Lea takes a hint from the Lil Red Gift Guide, because she is all about the gift sets – which I love! Not only does she fill the package with lots of goodies, but the basket or box itself is always super cute, which is great because I never can have enough extra storage for all of my knickknacks. Lea gave me all of the fixings for a relaxing spa session with a bottle of wine that literally says “relax” right on it, a bath bomb, a huge Bath & Body Works Candle, and some chocolate for a soothing time in on a cold winter night. Love it! Thanks, best friend! ❤

What do you like to get your BFF for the holidays? Is your bestie hard or easy to shop for? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. My BFF and I recently moved in together along with my boyfriend (who is her brother). She is super easy to shop for because her and I are basically like the same person in separate bodies. We frequently say what the other person was thinking before that person says it. This year I got her a videogame that she’s been obsessing over needing, a scotch glass with a quote from her favorite movie (one of her favorite I should say), and a hanging light bulb that’s battery operated. I am also planning to get her some headache relief inhalers and lotion for her stocking stuffers! Super excited for Christmas to see her reaction!


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