Highlighter Help!!

Highlighter Help!!

Helloooo! During a recent Sephora purchase for my sister’s upcoming birthday, I decided to spend some of my rewards points on a Becca highlighter in Opal. The only problem is… I don’t know what to do with it! I liked the idea of trying a highlighter on for size and I love the color so I figured “why not”. Take a looksee:


(First swatch photo is with no flash, the second one is with the flash on.)

I was hoping that my beauty blogger babes could help me out by directing me to their posts on applying highlighter as well as completed MOTDs featuring a highlighter. I definitely don’t want to overdo it with my new Becca Opal highlighter, but a little extra something something might be nice to try out – especially when it was free!

So, beauty bloggers, now is your time to toot your own horn a little and link me to your best highlighter related makeup posts. Thanks in advance!

What is the best freebie that you have scored from Sephora? Are you a highlighter fan or no? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. Not a beauty blogger, but I am a makeup lover and have a lot of tips! I think a fan brush is the BEST brush to apply highlighters with, especially when you’re new and only want a light finish! You can get fan brushes anywhere these days, but I really like the one from real techniques. It’s super cheap too. I would just lightly run the very tip of the brush (flat side down) in the highlighter, and then gently put it on your cheekbones, or basically anywhere that the sun would naturally hit your face. If you don’t have a fan brush and don’t want to purchase one, you could use a really large fluffy powder brush, just put the highlighter on a very small part of the the brush!

    To be honest, based on the swatches, that doesn’t look like a great highlighter. The texture looks really gritty, and not as soft or refined as an everyday highlighter should be. If you have difficulties with it, I might hypothesize that it’s from the highlighter itself! I really like albatros, from NARS if you’re looking for a specific one.


  2. Omg, that’s beautiful. BECCA highlighter is definitely one I’ve wanted to try out, because I love their backlighting primer, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. You’ll have to let me know how you like it.


  3. While I don’t have a dedicated post on applying highlighter, I would recommend using a smaller fluffy brush or if you have a fan brush to apply lightly on top of cheekbones to accentuate them. You can always build it up to be as blinding as you like or leave it subtle. Also maybe a touch on the tip and bridge of your nose. I have this shade as well and it looks stunning on!


  4. As most others have suggested, a fan brush works wonders or in lieu of that a small fluffy brush. I usually apply highlighter to the cheekbones, tip of the nose and Cupid’s bow. I’m also a big fan of using highlighter in the inner corner and on the eyelid if I’m going for a no makeup eye look but want something a bit extra. Applying with your fingers on the lid will make it POP! Good luck!


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  6. Definitely not a “beauty blogger” or someone that prides themselves in makeup, but I do get down with some highlighter! I usually use my finger to swipe it from the top of my cheekbone up to my temple, then up slightly around my eye. I’ll also put some on my brow bone, down the center of my nose, and just a little on my cupids bow. I’m a big fan of Glossier’s haloscope and Tarte’s pressed highlighter.

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