How To Create An Amazing Den In Your Home

How To Create An Amazing Den In Your Home

Everyone needs a great getaway spot in their home. Whether it be for hunkering down and studying for the next big exam or a place to chillax and binge on America’s Next Top Model – an at home hideaway is a must. This article will provide you with some pointers to making your den (or man or ladies cave!) perfect.

How To Create An Amazing Den In Your Home:

As kids, who didn’t love building a fort with chairs and blankets and creating the ultimate hideaway? It was even better if you could decorate it with fairy lights and take in secret snacks too! But just because we’re grown-ups doesn’t mean we don’t still crave that little luxury hideaway where we can go and relax. And if you’ve got kids, even better. Why not create a den room where all of the family can chill? If you have a spare room that’s just being filled with clutter, why not convert the space into a family-friendly den? Below are some ideas on how to get started.

Think About The Space: If you’re using a spare room to make your luxury den, it’s probably smaller than your living room. First, take some time to think about how to use the space. Ask yourself what is important to you and the family? If it’s a place where you want to host movie nights and go to watch TV, then make that your focal point. If you would rather create a den that is made for reading and writing, then think about incorporating good lighting and storage for lots of books and notepads. Perhaps your den is going to be a playroom for young and old. If so, then consider investing in some drawers and cupboards so you can keep board games and card games organized and tidy.

Make It Cozy: A den is all about creating an environment that induces relaxation and fun. Invest in luxury throws and blankets so people can get down and cozy. A couple of oversized Sack Daddy’s will also give the space a laid back ‘den vibe’. Take a look here at to discover how these awesome extra large loungers will make your den the ultimate space for relaxation and respite. Bean bag chairs are also great for the kids, too!

If your den is going to predominantly be a reading room, then make sure you have bright overhead lighting. But if it’s strictly for hunkering down for movie nights, ensure that you have lights on a dimmer switch or the soft glow of side lamps. Fairy lights will add extra ambiance and create a magical feel. If you’ve got kids make them feel grown up by investing in a mini fridge where you can keep water and juices that they can get when they are with their friends. And if it’s adults only, you can chill your Champagne in here before settling down for a Saturday night movie! A den should be decadent but cozy. Somewhere you can kick off your shoes, put your PJ’s on, and totally unwind!

Décor Of the Den: If you’re making a family den, let everyone get involved in the decorating. Let the kids be in charge of one of the walls. This could include allowing them to paint the wall in their favorite color. Or perhaps adding oversized wall decor stickers of their favorite animals. Check out Amazon have some great ones right here: Choose a color theme that exudes relaxation. Soft grays or warm shades of red will work well. Let everyone pitch in with decorating the room and make it a place where everyone will want to snuggle down for the evening.

I am absolutely obsessed with Despicable Me and my boyfriend got me minion wall stickers for my birthday! They are so cute and add the perfect touch of fun to my room. The stickers were surprisingly easy to apply and look as good as new after months of being on my walls.

What would be in your dream den? If you have a den or decked out basement in your house, what do you use it primarily for? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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