Man Crush Monday: Sandman Edition

Man Crush Monday: Sandman Edition

Helloooo everyone and welcome to another edition of Man Crush Monday – Sandman style! This weeks #MCM is a bit different because my man crush isn’t an actual human being but I still love him/lust after him just the same! Enjoy this ironic choice of music and then let’s get to it!

Dear Sandman,

First things first, even though you’re a graphic novel character, I am so weirdly and madly in love with you. Second of all, I’d rather call you by one of your other names, so Morpheus it is! This past year I’ve been on the biggest Neil Gaiman kick ever, so it was only a matter of time before I discovered the Sandman series. Within mere pages of the very first issue, I was totally obsessed. After one single month, I had completed the entire series from beginning to end and all I wanted was more, so I started to read them again! I think what I like so much about these graphic novels is the whole idea that bad people get punished and the good ones get rewarded in some way shape or form. That’s what attracted me so much to Morpheus initially, because he could empathize with the victims and he felt the need to protect them from any further damage. There’s something about reading the chronicles of his world in The Dreaming that makes me feel safe and that’s so important to me. Yes, beautiful Morpheus did have some not so great moments with past lovers, family, and friends but deep down in my heart I still feel like he always means well. Not only is Morpheus a somewhat benevolent lord but he’s also my emo kid fantasy come true. I mean seriously, he’s so gorgeous I can’t even. Hubba hubba. I’ve heard rumors of a possible Sandman film and frankly, I hope that it doesn’t happen. All I need are the words and pictures on paper to take me to a different world and no matter how amazing the film is, it just won’t be the same. Thank you to Morpheus for making me feel understood, thank you for making me feel like I’m not so alone, and thank you for always providing me with sweet dreams. I LOVE YOU!!!!


^^^ I really want to get the first image tattooed! That’s definitely going to happen sometime in the near future!

So there you have it, this weeks Man Crush Monday: Sandman Edition! Who is your #MCM this week? What is one of your favorite stories from the Sandman series? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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