Being “That Girl”

Being “That Girl”

So last night I went out with my sister Kristen and her boyfriend Ramon, and had an absolute drunken blast. Now I totally understand that some people won’t appreciate this entry, but that’s okay. I also promise you that there’s a point to this post.Β  Let’s get this story started:

The night started out with pre gaming at Ramon’s place. We drank the ultimate girly drinks of strawberitas and Angry Orchard. Honestly I’m such a lightweight that I was pretty intoxicated by the time we got to the bowling alley, where we met up with a bunch of our friends. I’ve never had so much fun bowling in my life, even though I gutter balled almost every time! Minus the one true miracle that occurred when I somehow managed to get a strike! “HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!” While at the bowling ally myself and the crew indulged in more alcohol, this time we were drinking on actual liquor. Fireball and Coke and Long Islands for me and my sister. This is when I began turning into “That Girl”. After my first Fireball and Coke drink, I was completely and utterly wasted. (#lightweight) That’s when you would think the night began to take a turn for the worse, but really my night just got better. The only sucky part of the night was throwing up in the bowling ally bathroom – that was pretty gross. But like a champ I headed back to my friends and threw another perfect gutter ball afterwards. It was only midnight at this point in my drunk adventures, the night was still young, and would continue for another hour or so. How could I forget to mention my knight in bowling shoes in my drunken fairy tale? The entire night myself and this really cute guy named Andrew were pretty flirty with each other. He tried in vain to teach me how to throw the bowling ball and we were both having such a good time. And yes, we TOTALLY made out. Score! God, he was so cute. The end. πŸ™‚

The point of the story? That sometimes, its okay to be “That Girl”. Am I condoning going out and getting wasted every night? Absolutely not. Am I condoning going out for the first time in ages and having a great time? Absolutely. There’s nothing wrong with being a twenty year old every once in a while. Sometimes I forget that I’m only twenty….I feel so much older. It also doesn’t help that all of my friends forget that I’m still a “baby”. It was really fun doing something like bowling with a drunken twist. I felt safe while I was with my sister, Ramon, and our posse. I felt safe knowing we had a designated driver to get us home. So why not live in the moment? Why not indulge for one night? I have a hell of a hangover right now, in fact, my head is throbbing as I type this – but that’s just one small price to pay for a night out.

Happy Sunday and best of luck to anyone nursing a hangover today. I feel for you. -Sarah

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