Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid

I am SO obsessed with this show it’s ridiculous. Naked and Afraid airs on the Discovery channel, and they usually have a marathon of the show every Sunday….which is how I usually spend every Sunday. The show chronicles the lives of two survivalists – one man and one woman for a twenty one day period in an extreme wilderness environment. These environments range from the swamps of Louisiana, to the Amazon rain forest, to the Andros Islands in the Bahamas. The show has the same set up each time. Both survivalists are allowed one item that will help them during their 21 day challenge. The most commonly brought items are usually a fire starter, a machete, or a pot for cooking and purifying water. The most uncommon item brought was a roll of duct tape. It definitely proved more useful than expected, the team used the tape to make clothing, an insulated blanket, and markers for the paths that they traveled. A rudimentary map of the area the teams are inhabiting is also provided. During the duration of the excursion it’s up to our naked Adam and Eve to create a shelter, fire, a source for clean water, and some type of food, whether is be from hunting or gathering. At the end of the journey, our team must make a difficult trek to reach their extraction point. They usually must travel through dangerous waters, jagged cliffs, or dense jungle foliage. Once they reach their extraction point, a signal fire must be started to alert their helicopter, boat, or car ride out of the wilderness. At any point during the duration of the challenge our survivalists have the option to “tap out” and leave the location. The small camera and sound crew are only allowed to interfere with the team if medical attention is desperately needed for one of the competitors. The survivalists are tested extensively before they are accepted to be on the show, and are given a PSR (primitive survival rating). These ratings are based on observations and predictions based on survival fitness in skill, experience, and mental strength. After the completion of the show the PSRs either raise or drop considerably based on the performance of each contestant. If you’re looking for a riveting and really educational show, definitely give Naked and Afraid a try. Hell, dedicate a whole Sunday to watching it when they play a marathon, because I guarantee you that after one episode you’ll be hooked! Have you watched this show before? Which location was your favorite? What would you bring as your survival item if you were a contestant? Leave me a comment and let’s talk! Have a lovely, clothed night! -Sarah


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