Just a standard blog post:


It was an alright Sunday today. Sunday Bloody Sunday. I’m trying to hype myself up as best as I can and try to cheer up a bit, but damnit, sometimes it’s so hard. I’ve been having a really rough time sleeping lately. This is gonna sound so lame but I’ve had to have my mom sleep in my bed these past few nights. Jesus. I’m 20 fucking years old and I still need my mom there to help me sleep. Having her there has brought me such great comfort though. Without her my mind races a mile a minute, my heart beats like a drum, and I feel like bugs are crawling all over me. Fuckin anxiety man. It’s funny to me that my blog was originally supposed to be about fashion and music, but I’ve definitely been steering more towards posts about my mental health. It makes me feel better though. So I guess fashion and music can wait. Here’s to hoping I get some good sleep tonight and have a relaxing day off of work tomorrow. I’m extremely thankful for a Monday off! Have a great nights guys. Make your Monday amazing tomorrow. I’m gonna try my best to do just that! Love- Sarah
PS: Here’s a picture of a peacock for your enjoyment!



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