Lil Red’s Art Gallery: Timber Top Hall Of Fame Edition

Lil Red’s Art Gallery: Timber Top Hall Of Fame Edition

Hello! Johnny and I live in the Timber Top apartment community and it has truly left a lot to be desired this past year. Someone passed away on the property due to carbon monoxide poisoning, an apartment complex caught on fire, and inclement weather has left us with no heat or power for days. Due to all of these utter failures from the management company the property is under, TTop received a not so glowing review in the Akron Beacon Journal this past December. Johnny’s dad saved it for us and I have been saving it until we can get it framed.

This past week, I came home to a fabulous surprise… Johnny found a perfect frame for the article! I can’t wait to hang it up:


At Johnny’s work, they were getting rid of lots of random odds and ends for spring cleaning and the employees were allowed to take anything home that they wanted. Johnny was late in the game to receive the memo so it was pretty slim pickings by the time he got around to scavenging lol. That’s okay, though, because he walked away with exactly what we needed to display our lack of pride in the property management company. The thrown together wood frame fully embodies our haphazard labyrinth of old, wooden apartment complexes to the T and I am obsessed! πŸ˜€

It has been an insanely crappy week in Lil Red’s world and this was just one of the many surprises that I returned home to after being gone almost all day every day. Johnny took it upon himself to give the apartment some much needed spring cleaning one day. The next, he went to Walmart and got storage bins for all of our bunny supplies, which I have wanted for forever. And the following day, the piece de resistance of our new wall art. No matter how sad or run down I was feeling, Johnny always made sure that I would have a smile on my face as soon as I got home. It definitely worked! He is simply the best. ❀

Johnny gave me the job of finding just the right spot in our apartment for our Timber Top Hall Of Fame picture and it is a challenge that I can’t wait to take on. This was a five month in the making idea and it couldn’t have turned out any better, thanks to my sweet husband!

What was the worst apartment you ever lived in? Have you gotten any amazing surprises recently? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. Agree, that frame is perfect!! The area that the apartments are in is so lovely that it is such a shame that the owners have let the buildings go down hill. Be safe there! Hoping next week is better for you ❀


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