New Black & Opal Nails

New Black & Opal Nails

Hiii everyone and TGIF! After having my acrylics on since October of 2017, it was finally time to get a new full set. My talons were overgrown, lifting, and getting super uncomfortable. But, now, they are obscenely short for my liking, which is uncomfortable in a different way! I’m still getting used to typing with tiny talons, so hopefully they’ll start growing out to reach their full lengthy potential soon! Check it out:


Although it cost me a pretty penny to get my new nails, it was a necessary evil, because my old ones were breaking constantly and it was stupid annoying. For short nails – well, short by my standards, my nails look good. But, I definitely won’t be completely happy with them until they grow some extra length! Despite my complaints, it was sure nice to spend a morning at the salon after five weeks in between nail maintenance. I spent more than what I would have liked on this set, but for nails that won’t break and a morning to myself, it was so worth it!

What length do you prefer to keep your nails at? What color of nail polish do you have on right now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. I prefer short nails πŸ˜› right now I am wearing a mix of three colors πŸ˜‰ purple with golden and bit of sparkle on that πŸ˜›


  2. Ooo these are cute. I usually go for long coffin nails with glitter on my wedding finger. Blue pastel colours are my favourite


  3. Your nails look sexy babe. Love them and the colors. Mine are classic red right now. Always a good go to. Hehe. I definitely can relate when it comes to spending a lot of time at the salon and spending a good amount but I feel it’s worth it and you always feel better after. 😊β™₯️


  4. Your nails look amazing, how do you manage with them being so long?! I used to have really long nails at uni, but now I have to keep them short because I play sports and my job gets pretty difficult with nails longer than just over your fingertips lol. Would you consider coming away from acrylics, Gelish have released something called ‘PolyGel’ which is apparently stronger than acrylics??? xx


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