Blah, Meh, Whomp Whomp Whomp

Blah, Meh, Whomp Whomp Whomp

Heyyy everyone. Is it just me, or is 2018 feeling totally lackluster? Recent single digit temps in good ol’ Akron, Ohio have given me a case of cabin fever to no end and, as the title of this post reads, I am definitely feeling Blah, Meh, Whomp Whomp Whomp. Is it a lack of Vitamin D? Maybe. Is therapy not helpful? No, I wouldn’t say that. Therapy has been going pretty well, actually.


I don’t know!! The doldrums are so real, though. I just feel so stagnant at the moment, and it’s not a good feeling. Between multiple jobs, one would think that stagnant is the last word to describe my life. Not the case. I feel so bored. So indifferent. I wouldn’t go as far as to say depressed…but it definitely could escalate to that.

I feel stressed about wanting to move out. I feel stressed about feeling stressed. I feel stressed about feeling so below average. And we’re barely even into the new year!! So, what gives? Sometimes, I feel like the new year puts a lot of pressure on people. Pressure to instantly get happy or instantly turn their life around. Obviously, this is never the case. But, it sure does suck on ice when that’s the mindset around the holiday and you feel yourself going backwards instead of forward.

Oyyyy, sorry. I needed to throw myself a little pity party. But, now that the party hat is off, the cake has been binge ate, and I’m still feeling like shit, I guess that it’s time to get back on the horse and try again for a better day tomorrow.

How do you shake away the new year blahs? What do you think 2018 has in store for you? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Pressure to instantly get happy or instantly turn their life around. That is just so true! I feel like there is this sentiment to make changes, and be successful and happy. How can someone just BE!

    It takes a while, and some effort. And making that effort is the only thing that should count, I believe. Anyway, let’s try to find some happiness in this new year.


  2. I hope you will feel better sunshine. Cold and rain don’t help with depressive feelings. And for me I put on some weight and I currently hate my body. And I hate it when people tell me : awww you are so slim!!! And I’m like : nooooooo I’m a grease ball πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  3. This is definately the time of year that cabin fever sets in. I miss being able to just go outside, take some photos, chill at the lake, or just lay out with a good book. We still have two months of horrible weather in good ole Nova Scotia, and we have already had a storm like no other…I miss summer!


  4. The New Year sure comes with a lot of stress around. I simply tell myself I’m rougher. Let’s see how the year would be. Most often at the year end, I look back and see I really was. Helps me ride along, sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy.

    Cheers and have a happy 2018.


  5. Firstly huge hugs. Second I could not agree more with you about the New year putting so much pressure on people to, Change their lives, Do better, See the light (okay now I am getting dramatic). I am all about setting goals, but I rarely ever do it with the New Year. I am more of a Birthday goal setter. it is more personal and unique to me. Huge hugs, I hope you feel better doll face I loved chatting with you yesterday! ❀


  6. “Why” and ‘How come”, I wouldn’t have a clue. Advise from me, Bad Idea. But I will say, for some unknown reason I have started following your blog. The article about “DLS” lipstick and how it’s color changes was interesting to me. I do photography as a hobby and I never thought about how light and skin changes lipstick color. I don’t know why that was important, but for some reason it was at the time. So why am I commenting about that article now and on this post? Maybe it’s to say cheer up, as your postings and comments could be what someone, some where, needed to hear at that point in time in their life.


  7. You mentioned vitamin D Sarah, my ex wife was from California and lived with me in Michigan for 8 long years. She eventually had to take doses of vitamin D as she was feeling depressed from lack of sun. Perhaps try doses of D, and being in front of bright lights during the day. I hope you feel better soon!


  8. I can relate to this. I had a very “on” week last week and felt awesome about things. This week, I’m feeling tired, a little sick and not very creative. It’s also been completely overcast and I want my sunshine.
    So… I’ve been clearing out my office and looking for ways to freshen it up. At least I’ll feel more ready next week.


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