The Questions To Answer Before Accepting A Management Role

The Questions To Answer Before Accepting A Management Role

Management is the goal, right? A corner office overlooking the city, a fatter salary, people to lead, and minds to mold. The idea of becoming a boss is one which is exciting to a lot of individuals for these very reasons. Career progression is just, as if not more, important than the value of a person’s wage. So, the thought that a management position wouldn’t be the right move might appear silly. Of course it’s the right move – it’s everything anyone wants for their career!

But, is it? Although the concept of promotion is a tempting one, it is essential to understand the dynamics of the role. Otherwise, you could end up in a position that is potentially fatal for your career. To avoid that, the following questions are the ones which you should ask before signing on the dotted line:

Will I Get All Of The Benefits?

Most people assume that a promotion will result in managing people and leading a team of employees. It isn’t always the case for many reasons. Sometimes, companies give their best employees a pay bump to keep them at the firm without giving them more responsibility. Harsh, but true. Also, the boss’s boss has a significant role to play. Great managers know how to leave an individual to their job without getting in the way. However, some love to micromanage every aspect of the company and cannot relinquish the power. If the man or woman at the top of the tree is such a person, the chance of managing people will be low.

What Does The Position Entail?

This question is along the same lines as the first one but with a subtle difference. Analyzing whether you get the benefits of managing people isn’t the same as challenging your day to day activities. Again, employees assume that a promotion is a good idea regardless of what a typical day will look like in the future. The reality is that it could be mind-numbingly boring. Take a construction worker, as an example. Working ‘on the tools’, as they call it in the industry, is a lot different than an office job. If the thought of filling out paperwork and phoning suppliers for prices doesn’t appeal to you, then the  management position isn’t the right move. Quite simply, it boils down to job satisfaction.


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How Much Am I Being Paid?

As soon as you see the extra amount per month, dollar signs will send your brain into a tizzy. It is human nature to concern yourself with money, especially when you work hard to move up the corporate ladder. The issue is, that the additional amount might not be enough. Yes, the job pays more than your current role, but it has added responsibility. Employers never tell an employee that they will have to work 20 hours extra per week, turning a 50 hour week into a 70 hour one. Is ten grand extra per year enough for a potential 17,000 hours yearly? The 17,000 figure, by the way, is up from 12,000 hours for a standard working week.

Why Did The Previous Manager Leave?

Everyone is different, so judging the situation from the ex-boss’s standpoint is illogical. Still, there will be warning signs as to why that person left which might affect your position. Would you stay around if you needed attorneys to help take the burden off your shoulders for your work accident injury claims which you have to deal with on behalf of the firm? The idea of fighting lawsuits, which is part of the management’s job, is tiring and leads you down a potentially sticky legal avenue. Or, maybe the person received a more lucrative job offer from another company. In that case, what is stopping you from exploring your options? It is possible the person decided to leave for a variety of reasons, but you shouldn’t dismiss them out of hand. By looking at it from their point of view, you might spot an issue which could determine your answer.

Is There Room For Growth?

Finally, one promotion should not be enough if you want to take your career to the next level. Sure, the position is a great opportunity now, but you don’t want to stay there forever. If you do, your career will stagnate. Unfortunately, taking a role with a firm that offers no extra growth is a sure-fire way to stall your progression. Therefore, think about the glass ceiling and whether you have reached it already.

Simply put, you should never accept a role without thinking carefully through the pros and cons!

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  1. Great advice. It is important to think through any change in role and consider the implications of what you will be doing from one day to the next. Management can be a thankless task, and not everyone is cut out for the people-centric side of things, which can cause stress both for the manager and those they are trying to manage – a sure fire way to cause dissatisfaction for all involved. It is a shame to jump at a promotion only to have it make you miserable. Great post to help people think this through.


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