The Tides Will Turn; Helping Elderly Parents Get The Best Life


When you’re young, you rely on your parents for everything. Food, money, shelter, and love. As you get older you start to provide for yourself or you find other sources to provide these needs. You get your love from a husband or boyfriend, you find your own income, and you buy your house. But as your parents age, they may become less independent, and this can be difficult to deal with. It can be hard to see your parents lose who they used to be. They need your help now, they need you to, at least in some ways, look after them. If you don’t do this, as your parents get older, they might struggle to get the quality of life that they deserve. What can you do to ensure that they get the life you want them to have?

Pay Them Back: Over the past few years, you have probably found that your parents contributed a lot to your life, financially. They might have paid part of your college bills, helped you buy your first home, or put down the deposit on that new apartment. They may have acted as a guarantor and ensured that if you couldn’t pay your bills, you wouldn’t be left out on the street. It’s possible that they never asked for anything in return, they never requested that you pay them back.

However, one day they might need money from you, particularly after they retire. They might need to borrow from you to maintain their home. Or, they might need help moving to a different location. You should be willing to help them financially in this type of situation. You might be surprised how difficult this decision becomes as you get older. You might have your own financial commitments and needs. But, you just have to remember what they did for you and how much you really do owe them.


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Help Them Move Forward: At a certain age, it’s not practical or sensible to live in a home with two floors. You need to think about moving to a bungalow and before you make this decision for yourself, you’ll have to help your parents make the same choice. Many parents will push against this idea and keep a home they are used to for as long as possible. They don’t want to feel old and won’t tell you that it might actually even hurt to walk up and down the stairs. At that stage, you have two options. You can help them change the home to make it more suitable. Or, you can help them move, but they will need your support either way.

You might even find that the best option for them is a retirement home. This should be their choice unless they aren’t fit to make it. In that situation, you might have to step in. Be aware that there are plenty of nursing homes like Anglican Care that provide luxury accommodation to elderly parents. You just need to help them find the right place for them to live that will suit all their needs.


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Keep Them In Your Life: Last but not least, your parents will need more than just emotional support. One day it will be up to you to ensure that they stay an important part of your life. You’ll decide when you see them and when they see their grandchildren. It’s crucial that they feel connected to your life and who you have become. Otherwise, you might find your parents suffering from depression and other emotional issues.


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