Shameful Specimens

Shameful Specimens

Whatsup everyone and TGIF! So last night I had the misfortune of stumbling upon pictures of the outfits Miley Cyrus wore during her stint at hosting the VMA’s and all I have is one word to sum up my feelings: SHAMEFUL!!!! I refuse to post pictures of her to add to her popularity as a so called “celebrity” but I do have some general opinions about Miss Cyrus, considering she’s setting a horrid example for young people everywhere, so let’s discuss with some Lil Red Words Of Wisdom:

  • ACT LIKE A LADY! Yeah, that’s right. I get that Miley doesn’t want to be a role model for anyone and yada, yada, yada but dude, you have a little sister. What the hell kind of a role model are you to her? Not a very good one. Put some clothes on, stick your tongue back in your fucking mouth, and get some class.
  • Reevaluate your career…seriously: People might be curious as to why young people, like myself, despise Cyrus so much and the answer is simple…She’s literally giving the teens and twenty-somethings across the globe a bad name. FYI – not every millennial is a sex crazed druggie with a fetish for putting their assets on display every chance they get. I can’t name one person in my vast social circle in real life or via social media who likes her, so clearly she’s doing nothing right with her career. #obviously
  • Drop the “I’m cool because I smoke weed” act: You’re not. Do I have a problem with people who smoke? No, absolutely not and I firmly believe that marijuana should be legalized in all fifty states. Do I have a problem with people who flaunt their habits for the world to see? Yes, I do. It’s trashy and NO ONE CARES!!! Those who partake in good ol’ Mary Jane are no cooler than the people who don’t. Put your joint away and shut the fuck up. Thanks! ❤
  • Get back in touch with your roots: Yeah, we get it – you’re too old for the Disney channel, hence why you’ve been flashing your cooch for everyone. BUT, before Miley turned into the most Shameful Specimen that I can think of, she was sweet, wholesome, and had a lot of people looking up to her. Cyrus claims that she’s “all grown up” but she has so much maturing to do that it’s not even funny. No sane grown up would enter into a concert venue on a giant inflatable penis. Such trash.

^^^ Lol, it seemed appropriate! 😉

So do I sound bitchy? Probably. Do I care? Absolutely not. I REFUSE to ever be associated with the crass classlessness that is Miley Cyrus merely because we’re in the same age group. Cyrus should take a lesson from all of the teens and twenty-somethings that are out in the world making amazing things happen because of sheer talent and hard work – not because ninety-seven percent of their clothes is off. What does everyone think of Miley? Who is one celebrity that you really can’t stand? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

PS: Sorry for the rant, but I really had to get these feelings off of my chest. I was seriously so disgusted by the VMA outfit pics that I wanted to throw up everywhere! 🙂

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  1. It’s funny, I had the same feeling about Taylor Swift that you do about Miley…It just seemed when I watched Miley in a live performance she actually shed real human tears, put her emotions into it, whereas T.S. seemed to be in it from her head, power trip, ‘how cute am I’whatever…which is ironic because I love women who dress classy (which Taylor does)…and Miley’s taste is, like you said, bad/ trashy, but she’s so bold/ honest w/ her emotions which makes for a good performer. Love performers who can be really honest/ vulnerable (Miley) and love good taste in style (Taylor). That said, they are still both (in my dad’s words) “media whores.” I miss the days of Mariah Carey’s early performances…would love to see Miley eventually go that route, everything covered, purely about the emotions/ songs/ crowd/ joy.


  2. I think what I love about Miley is the fact that she does what she feels she needs to in order to be herself. She does make a lot of good points about overly sexualizing women’s bodies, and heavily supports the LGBT community. She may not do as you would with your life, but isn’t that the point? What she does has no affect on anyone else. As individuals we have to reflect on our own actions and demeanor and act in a way that is acceptable to us and no one else.

    If she’s not harming anyone, what does it matter what she does? How does her stage presence (or social media efforts) challenge your life or make it difficult? If you are so comfortable and confident with your own life, people like Miley should have no affect on how you feel or live your life, which is why she does not want to be a role model. She believes in finding your own path and not relying on others to shape it for you. That’s quite the powerful message and she’s proving true to it. Isn’t that worth respecting at the very least?


      • Be that as it may, it’s an interesting idea. Many people would say using curse words like fuck isn’t very lady like…so what’s the difference?

        I am just firmly in the camp that if you’re a lady, anything you do is lady like. I dislike shaming anyone for how they live their life, withstanding those that deliberately hurt others. I refuse to shame anyone for the way they dress, their sexual activity, and even drug use. Again, those that hurt themselves/others are a different story, but even then it’s not about shame but helping them understand how they hurt people and to help them change their behaviors. She isn’t hurting anyone, nor is she hurting herself, so I don’t see why shaming her is necessary. That’s all.


      • You’re welcome? Laughing at others for having differing opinions is far from the ‘mature’ status you seem to boast. We should celebrate that we think differently, not act condescendingly.


      • If we only ever consider the opinions of others that are similar to our own, we will never grow as individuals, nor will we ever have a deeper understanding or appreciation for our fellow humans.

        I’d also recommend that if you don’t want people to disagree with you, to not post opinions that could invite disagreement.

        Have a nice day.


  3. Just my opinion – but Miley is tacky as shit. She’s like a train wreck you have to keep rubbernecking, because you’re afraid there’s going to be something even worse and damned if you’re gonna miss it.

    Personally, you had me laughing while reading this post – it was good, funny, and IMHO spot-on. Obviously there are people who love the hell out of Miley. There were people who loved the hell out of Billy Ray, too – didn’t mean we all had to agree. 🙂 (Yeah, I’m from the Billy Ray era, and that was an annoying song.)

    Loving your blog and had to follow you!


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