Loft Vacation Haul

Loft Vacation Haul

Heyyy everyone and happy Saturday! I hope that all of you are having a fabulous weekend so far! Last week during my Orlando, Florida vacation, my mom and I did some heavy duty shopping at one of their gazillion outlet malls. Yesterday I discussed the fun sweater dresses that I got from Forever 21 and now I’m here to chat about my cool new finds at Loft. Take a look:


^^^ I love fall clothing!

Clearly my mom and I stayed true to the colder weather clothing theme at Loft because we left the store with a combined total of five sweaters! I’ve never shopped for myself at Loft before, usually when I go in there it’s because my mom wants to so I was pleasantly surprised that I walked away with some great steals! Everything at the Loft outlet was forty percent off, so it dropped the price of our bill significantly and it didn’t make me feel too bad about snagging some more pieces from the outlet mall! But hey, when in Rome. πŸ˜‰

While shopping in Forever 21, I tried on a poncho-esque jacket that unfortunately was way too big for me so I was very happy with my Loft poncho purchase. Honestly, I had no intention of trying it on but my mom insisted so I gave it a shot and it was shockingly adorable! When I think of ponchos the first thing that comes to mind is unfitted and baggy which is not my thing in the slightest, so I was thrilled to see that my poncho was extremely fitted once I had it on. It clings to my body without being tight and it looks so effortlessly chic. The look of this piece once it’s on is more of a shawl than a poncho and I feel like a really classy bitch when I wear it. I’m very excited to throw one of my first Loft purchases on over a long sleeved shirt, my black super skinnies, and my tan knee high riding boots. Hello, sophisticated lady!

My navy blue cardi with tan pleather accent pockets was the first thing I saw when I walked into Loft and it was love at first sight. This crazy cute piece also came in charcoal grey with black pockets so I grabbed them both to try on. As soon as I saw these sweaters, I knew that I wanted one desperately – I was already having an intense mental debate over which color to get once they were in my arms to take to the fitting room. I tried on the navy blue one first and it left me speechless over how much I loved it. My mom and I both agreed that it was a perfect combination of funky and put together and I seriously didn’t want to take it off after I had it on. I said farewell to the cardi only briefly to try the grey one on and about thirty seconds after, it was off. It just didn’t have the same “wow” factor as its navy sister sweater. The best thing about this cardi is its length. It goes down to my knees, so I plan on wearing it over a fun top paired with thick cable knit tights and a chunky heel for an edgy autumn look.

So there you have it, my very first Loft purchases made during my vacation shopping trip! What are you most excited to wear this fall? What is your favorite cold weather staple? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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