Man Crush Monday: Marilyn Manson Edition

Man Crush Monday: Marilyn Manson Edition

Helloooo everyone and welcome to another edition of Man Crush Monday – Marilyn Manson style! In case you guys haven’t been able to tell in the ten months that I’ve been writing on lifewithlilred, I’m very attracted to the strange, morbid, and macabre. With this in mind, making Marilyn Manson my #MCM seems like an obvious choice, so let’s discuss!

Dear Marilyn Manson,

First of all, you’re a stud. Hubba hubba. Let’s just get that out in the open before we continue this post. You are so damn handsome no matter what you do to alter your look or when you’re going au natural. I really just can’t even. Not only are you gorgeous on the outside, but you have such a creative and interesting mind and that makes me like you even more. I’ve been a fan of your music for years now, much to the distaste of my mother when I was younger! What I like the most about all of your songs is that they don’t make me sad – which is kind of weird, right? I mean, I feel like a lot of people would hear your music and say “wow, that really bums me out.” But for me, it’s the complete opposite. I feel empowered, inspired, and understood. From your haunting lyrics to your perfect gravely voice, your songs relate to my deepest darkest emotions. That’s really something that I have to thank you for, because there’s not a lot of musicians in this world who make me feel genuinely good about being different…So thank you. Your sound is so iconic to me that I can hear five seconds of one of your songs and know that it’s you. I can only hope that you continue to make music that pushes the envelope for the people like me who admire you so much! I LOVE YOU!!!


^^^ Oh my goodness gracious is he fine!!! Yes, I love goth guys – please judge me for it!

So there you have it, this weeks Man Crush Monday: Marilyn Manson Edition! Who is your #MCM this week? What is your favorite creative endeavor by my man crush? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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