If The Shoe Fits – Juicy Couture Edition

If The Shoe Fits – Juicy Couture Edition

Helloooo everyone and happy Saturday! So if there’s one thing that Lil Red loves, it’s shoes, shoes, and more shoes! With a collection of almost fifty shoes and counting it’s safe to say that I’m a big fat shoe SLUT…and that’s so okay with me! I thought that it would be fun to introduce a new segment to lifewithlilred and I fell in love with the idea of discussing all of my pretty little shoe babies one by one. The idea for “If The Shoe Fits” was conceived last night, so welcome to the first edition – Juicy Couture style!


^^^ They’re so pretty!!!

I had lots of different shoes in mind to talk about first, but I thought that my Juicys would be appropriate to help ring in the new segment considering I wore them yesterday and got at least ten compliments on them. I got these bad boys about a month and a half ago at Kohl’s for around sixty dollars and I haven’t been so happy with a purchase in a long time. These funky wedges are SO unique and I’ve never seen anything like them before, therefore, I had to have them! It was truly love at first sight when I saw these pretties for the first time and the love grew deeper when I slipped the size 6 1/2 on and they fit like a glove. After they were on my feet and I could examine them in the mirror and strut about in them, I knew that they were going to become one of my favorite pairs of heels…and I was right! There’s something about my Juicys that remind me of bowling shoes and I can’t put my finger on it. Some of you might find that as a turn off, but not me! When I was in high school, I bought a pair of bowling shoes from the Goodwill and best believe I rocked them like no other! So clearly, Lil Red is pro bowling shoes, pro wedges, and pro Juicy Couture to the extreme!

When I was wearing my pretties yesterday while I was out and about I got so many compliments that I can’t even keep track of them. One lady told me that she usually “wasn’t one to go gaga over shoes” but mine were the exception! So I guess that’s how you know that they’re fabulous! I love wearing my Juicys with sweet floral dresses and my black super skinnies. My featured image photo is from my brother’s graduation last month where I broke my wedges in for the first time…It was a historic event. The graduation was a historic event…and so were the shoes! 😉

^^^ Material Girl jams!

I hope that all of you are having a great weekend so far! So now you tell me – what shoes should I write about next? Your choices are between black Vera Wang lace up wedges, Carlos Santana knee high gladiator sandals, or Steve Madden wooden heels! I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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