Monday Update: Sick Edition :(

Monday Update: Sick Edition :(

Whatup guys and happy Monday! Unfortunately, it’s not a very happy day for me because I’ve been sick all weekend and am just as sick today. 😦 Here’s a brief outline of how my sickness escalated from Friday until now:

Friday: My throat was sort of scratchy, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

Saturday: My “sort of” scratchy throat turned into a full on sore throat with a nice wet cough to go along with it. My nose was sort of stuffy but I could still breathe out of it. I had a lot of trouble sleeping on Saturday night as well. I woke up multiple times in the night and had difficulty falling asleep afterwards.

Sunday: May god have mercy on my soul. Sunday was a big pain in my ass. Everything that was wrong from my body aches, to my cough, sore throat, and stuffy nose seemed to intensify by a million. My cough was frequent and it hurt my whole body and my nose felt completely clogged up which turned me into a mouth breather. Sexy 😉 I had an even more difficult time sleeping Sunday night because all of my symptoms were so much worse. It felt impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep again every time I woke up. Despite these difficulties I was able to sleep in longer on Monday morning.

Monday: What do you know? I’m still sick. -_- I slept more last night than I did on any other weekend day, but I still feel really tired. My nose is starting to run instead of just being stuffy, and it’s SO difficult trying to blow your nose with five nose piercings. I feel hungry but I have absolutely no appetite. Nothing but ice cream sounds good right now, and naturally there’s no ice cream in the house. Fml. I’m so achey and my throat burns every time I cough. The only thing that makes my sore throat feel better is when I’m drinking something really cold. Once my dad gets home from work I think I’ll be going to the doctors and then hopefully to Wendy’s afterwards to get a Frosty. Yummmmm

I really hope that I can get rid of most of my nasty symptoms today with some R&R, vitamins, and medicine because I have too much to do to be sick any longer. I absolutely need to go to my math class tomorrow morning because we’re going to be reviewing for a quiz on Thursday and I really need the additional practice with my teacher. I had to cancel two important plans today as well which I’m pretty pissed about. I promised my best friend Kate that I would go to her focus group she was holding for her marketing class to help spice things up. AND there was gonna be free Papa John’s pizza, which I was really looking forward to. Lol, nothing motivates me more than food! I was also supposed to have an American Horror Story night with my stud, but unfortunately neither of these are going to happen because I can barely get out of bed. Of course I’m sick when I actually have plans. -___- The only good thing about today is that there’s a new episode of The Following on tonight. Thank god, because I need something to look forward to today while I’m moping around on my death bed.


Does anyone have any home remedies that they swear by to help ease cold and flu symptoms? I’ll take any help I can get, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -A very sick, miserable, mopey, whiney, achey Sarah 😦

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