Birthday Shopping Trip!

Birthday Shopping Trip!

Hellooooo everyone and happy Monday!! Yesterday was my fabulous mama’s birthday, and we had an absolute blast celebrating! In the afternoon myself, my sister Kristen, and the birthday girl went for a shopping trip at Kohl’s. We had hella coupons and a whole afternoon ahead of us so off we went! Once we got to the store we divided and conquered, meeting up occasionally in fitting rooms or in the aisles to show off our finds. Kristen and I both found a lot of cute stuff, while my generous mom told us that she “didn’t need anything.” My mom loves shopping at Loft and did some birthday shopping of her own online to complete her spring and summer wardrobe. #treatyoself After an afternoon of fruitless pestering from my sister and I for my mom to find something, all she did was urge us to find something for ourselves. LOVE HER! Seriously it was so sweet. My mom definitely shared the birthday fun with us that afternoon, and I enjoyed every minute of her special day. Here’s a PicStitch of the cool new clothes that I snagged yesterday. It’s safe to say that I’m super obsessed already!


As usual, here’s a breakdown of each of the items:

Top left: This Rock & Republic crew neck is probably my favorite thing I got yesterday. Usually when I shop at Kohl’s I rarely check out the R&R gear because it’s kind of pricey, but when I saw a half off sign on the racks of clothing, I was sold! I think I found a new favorite brand! I love how edgy the pattern is – it boasts crosses, gem stones, and safety pins….a perfect combination. The material that the crew neck is made out of is so cool too, it feels very sleek to the touch – nothing like a standard cotton pullover! You can’t tell too much in the picture, but lining the sleeves, the collar, and the bottom of the shirt the material changes from black to a glittery charcoal gray. I’m so in love I can’t even!

Top right: What I really needed yesterday was a new pair of shorts, so I’m so happy that I found these cute anchor printed So shorts. When I worked at PacSun, it was in the midst of the high waisted everything craze. You guys should know by now that I hate high waisted clothing with a firey passion, but I got a hella discount at PacSun so I figured I would just buy them as opposed to spending more money elsewhere. As a result, my short drawer in my dresser is stocked to the brim with high waisted shorts that I don’t like. I’m on the hunt for normal rise shorts this season, so I was very happy when I found these little babies that are anything but high waisted. If you guys have any favorite stores that have some good normal rise shorts, please let me know! I can’t survive on one pair all spring and summer!

Bottom left:  This edgy skull printed shirt is another Rock & Republic find. I love clothing with dark patterns on them – skulls, crosses, guns…I dig it all, so I was pretty thrilled to find this cool black top covered in bronze skulls. The color combination is phenomenal and the way the shirt fits is fun too. It’s baggy with a shorter front and a longer back. I’m really excited to wear this top with extreme black skinny jeans and a killer heel or knotting it and wearing it with a pair of shorts or a maxi skirt this summer. Love, love, love.

Bottom right: Yeee! I love my Pink Republic hoodie! As you can see I’m wearing it in my cover photo that I took during a comfy cozy evening yesterday. I obviously couldn’t wait to wear it! This sweet hoodie fits very similarly to the Brandy Melville hoodies from PacSun…except I got it for fifteen dollars as opposed to thirty-five! Such a steal! It’s comfy as can be, but fits nice and snug so it doesn’t look sloppy at all! Usually I shy away from wearing hoodies in public, but this one fits so damn well that I have no problem rocking this bad boy on the streets of good ol’ Akron, Ohio. To dress this hoodie up I would pair it with some chunky gold statement jewelry, a bangin little bootie, and a cute pair of fun colored shorts and be on my merry way! (Speaking of statement jewelry, make sure you keep checking in with me for a post on my new body chains that I’m totally obsessed with!)

^^^My mom and I love Cyndi Lauper, so this one is for her!

After a fantastic afternoon, we came home and began tag teaming a delicious dinner together. We enjoyed cake and ice cream and a quiet evening in, watching Seinfeld and playing Scrabble. (Best combination ever!) It was actually really cool, because the score I beat my mom by in Scrabble was the age that she just turned! Talk about a coincidence! My family had a great time celebrating my mom’s special day yesterday and here’s to many more!

I hope all of you have a great Monday and an even better week! Keep checking in for the latest and greatest! Where are all of my fans of The Following at? Are you so excited for the two hour long episode tonight?! I know I am! Also, if you have any recommendations for where I can find a good pair of normal rise shorts, please leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah



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      • So we were having it in the evening so we could prepare, but first we had to run and pick something up from my mother-in-law. So she had us follow her, and we ended up at a surprise barbeque/party they had been planning well before I announced our intention to have a barbecue. So we ended up having two. It was awesome, we felt so loved…but we are SOOOO exhausted!


      • The only thing I absolutely have to do today is go to Costco with my dad. Other than that, I’m kicking back or else I would collapse!

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  1. hi lil red..i agree..we did have a great celebration yesterday
    …including yours and kristen’s generous and Awesome gifts! thanks for your sweet comments and I am glad you and kristen found some cool clothes for my very cool daughters! love you!


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