Spring Shopping Extravaganza!

Spring Shopping Extravaganza!

Hi beautiful people! So as you guys know, I absolutely love shopping for fall clothing BUT spring shopping comes in a very close second, and I had a blast purchasing some fun spring staples to update my wardrobe. Sister shopping night happened at two different malls two nights in a row this week, and I was very happy with the great deals that I got. My game plan for shopping was to get pieces that I have nothing similar to already so I can give a fresh new take on old pieces that I already own. It was hard to stay completely focused on a few items while shopping because all of the stores in the mall look so adorable! The spring floor sets were a go and everything looked so bright and fun – I wanted everything (I always do, it’s my cross to bear)! I made a PicStitch of my new purchases and here it is!:



I’m absolutely obsessed with all of my new items! I posted my Valentine’s Day shopping picture again because I plan on wearing my Vince Camuto ankle booties from TJMaxx with basically everything this spring! Anyways, here’s the usual breakdown of all of the items in the first PicStitch:

  • Black and white crop top: Target
  • Gray floppy hat: PacSun, Brandy Melville
  • Black and white striped blazer: Express
  • Lace midi skirt: TJMaxx, Flying Tomato

Usually I’m not one for buying things in basic colors, but I decided that I really did need some plain hued crop tops, so I was very happy when I found my black and white ones from Target. (I got them for two for twenty! Hello, bargain shopper!) These crop tops fit like a glove and they’re so sweet and simple. I can’t wait to pair them with maxi, midi, and mini skirts this spring! I’m sure all of you know by now that I absolutely adore hats, and I know I mentioned above that I tried not to buy items that I already have something similar to…BUT I just couldn’t help myself!!! I got my new gray Brandy Melville floppy hat for seventy percent off, which made it about ten dollars! And you’re not gonna not buy an originally thirty-five dollar hat for only ten!! I was so happy with this steal and I think the color is absolute perfection. It’s such a sassy color because in the proper lighting there’s the faintest hint of mauve and it makes for a gorgeous spring hue. My TJMaxx midi skirt was another Valentine’s Day purchase, but I wanted to mention it again because it’s definitely going to be one of my spring staples this year. I love everything about this skirt – the creamy color, the bright waistband, the length…so boho and so damn fun. Almost all of my skirts are black (#50shadesofblack) so it was nice to be able to add some variety to my collection. As I mentioned earlier, I plan on throwing on a cheeky crop top with this midi and I’ll be in business. I’m definitely gonna wear my Vince Camuto’s with it as well – hello edgy boho punky chic! Last but not least is my beloved black and white striped blazer from Express, which was my splurge piece. I’ve needed a new blazer for a while now, because the ones I have are quite old and didn’t fit to perfection, and I can’t have that! Everything about this Express blazer is divine and I can’t get enough of it. For one, it fits me like a glove. For two, it fits my style to the T: edgy, punk, sophisticated, and chic all in one mega blazer. While I was in Express with my sister last night, I was eying this piece on the mannequin the entire time, but didn’t want to try it on because of the price. Finally, I rolled my eyes, stripped off my jacket and cardigan, and threw on the blazer. Naturally I loved it so naturally it had to be mine. I’m going to wear this beauty with everything!!! Little shorts, skirts, dresses, and of course all of my black coated skinny jeans (because you guys should know by now that that’s all I wear!). My sister and I had a great coupon for Express which was seventy-five dollars off of a two hundred dollar purchase, so we got everything we needed for a fraction of the cost, which made me feel so much better about buying my new favorite piece. Now you guys might be wondering why I threw in a picture of Beetlejuice on the PicStitch, so let me explain with a STORY TIME segment: As soon as my sis and I returned home last night, I told my mom to come to my room so I could show her all of my goodies. I showed her all of my fun new pieces while saving the blazer for last. Finally I put the jacket on and the first thing my mom said to me when she saw it was: “It’s super cute, but it looks like Beetlejuice.” Lol, I didn’t even think about that until she mentioned it, but she was spot on! So if you say Beetlejuice three times, I just might appear to wreak some havoc!!

^^^ Such an appropriate song for this post!!!

So there you have it, my Spring Shopping Extravaganza! I’m so excited to rock all of these pieces and best believe there will be many pictures of all of my new outfits to come! What are you planning on wearing this spring season? What’s your favorite spring piece you own or have bought recently? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much Love. -Sarah

PS: All of these items are pretty much brand new, so they should be available to purchase in stores and online! 🙂

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