Controversial Halloween Costume

Controversial Halloween Costume

It has come to my attention that there was a parent out in the world who thought that it was okay to dress their child as this for Halloween:


To those of you who don’t know where this costume stems from: The football jersey that little boy is wearing is for Ray Rice, who recently had an abuse scandal with his fiancee. There was camera footage found of Rice dragging an unconscious Janay out of an elevator after they had a quarrel. (Here is the video clip, intended only for MATURE audiences.) So now you can see where this boy dragging around a black doll comes into play.

This photo was found with the caption “best costume ever” on an Instagram account that has been since taken down. I really don’t think I’m taking it too far when I say that this is a form of child abuse. The parents of this young boy are literally spoon feeding his brain with the ideas that domestic violence and violence of ANY kind are okay. They’re desensitizing this child to sickening actions when he’s at an age where he’s learning right from wrong. How in the HELL is he supposed to learn the right way to treat a woman or anyone for that matter when his parents are teaching him to laugh at a victim. I can picture in my head this little one asking his mom or dad why he’s dressed the way he is for Halloween and his parents explaining what it is and why it’s “funny”. Sorry I missed the punch line on a football player knocking out his fiance. This costume alone could be starting a pattern of abusive behaviors to come from this little boy. It might start with things like kicking his girl playmates during recess, to becoming the school bully. Behaviors like this can and more than likely will escalate as he gets older. Especially since he can think back to a time when whomever dressed him in this disgrace of a costume taught him that abuse is a laughing matter. Many people in comment threads I’ve seen about this costume have posted about the significance of this young white boy dragging a black doll. I’m here to say that I don’t give a damn what race anyone is. No one, NO ONE is subject to any type of violence. Physical, mental, emotional, sexual, you name it: no one deserves it. I feel such an outpouring of sympathy towards Rice’s fiance Janay, because her trauma has turned into a joke. The parents of this child should be ashamed of themselves. Many of the comment threads I’ve read from the Ray Rice camera footage and this Halloween costume have had comments such as “she probably deserved it”. This is me saying to all of those people out there: Fuck you. Can we all start taking violence seriously? I don’t care if it comes from a man or a woman, no matter what it’s wrong. Since when did the people of this world turn into a bunch of barbarians? Upon viewing this controversial costume for the first time, all I could do was shake my head. I felt such a complete lack of hope for this little boy and his parents. I felt my stomach churn from disgust. I felt my heart ache for a woman who is currently being taunted and shamed because she’s a victim. What kind of a world is this? This is so much more than a tasteless costume. This is parents filling their children’s minds with hate. This is the grown adults on comment boards laughing at the expense of a woman who got punched so hard at the hand of her fiance that she was knocked out cold. This is people “LOLing” at Ray Rice dragging his freshly bruised, unconscious girlfriend from an elevator. I know this post is a complete hodge podge of different thoughts and ideas, but honestly I’m so worked up about this that I can barely even think straight, let alone form a comprehensive piece. I am pleading all of you to show respect to every living thing. I am begging all of you to think twice about your actions and words before they happen. Are your jokes being made at the expense of others? Is your fist raised in anger at someone? Please, please reevaluate yourselves. The world around you changes when you start with yourself, after all. Goodnight guys. -Sarah

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